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St. Louis, MO, United States
+1 314-480-6964 ·
4.99 reviews ·
"St. Louis Mold Inspection & Testing is the first call you should make if you are concerned about the air quality in your home or business. We only test to ..." -
Sacramento, CA, United States
+1 916-905-5391 ·
4.79 reviews ·
"Mold Inspection & Testing Sacramento CA. Sacramento home and business owners can trust MI&T to perform unbiased mold inspections and mold testing. 3931 40th Ave" -
Santa Clara, CA, United States
+1 408-800-1612 ·
4.98 reviews ·
"There are various reasons that could have brought you to the website of the leading Mold Inspection and Mold Testing company in not only San Jose ..." -
Los Angeles, CA, United States
+1 424-652-8081 ·
5.014 reviews ·
"There are many reasons that could have brought you to the home of the best Mold Inspection and Mold Testing company in Los Angeles CA." -
Minneapolis, MN, United States
+1 612-399-9001 ·
5.012 reviews ·
"If you do not pass the clearance test, we will let the company doing the work know what else needs to be done. Most of the time they will then cover the ..." -
Omaha, NE, United States
+1 402-819-4984 ·
4.99 reviews ·
"Please call us with any questions or to schedule an inspection at 402-819-8914. Mold Inspection & Testing also serves all of the following cities around ..." -
Chicago, IL, United States
+1 312-583-7576 ·
5.017 reviews ·
"Mold Test results can be had as soon as next day! MI&T serves all of the following counties. MI&T serves all of the following cities in the Chicagoland ..." -
Albuquerque, NM, United States
+1 505-312-4403 ·
4.99 reviews ·
"Other than generating comprehensive protocols for those that do indeed have a problem, Mold Inspection and Testing has no role in the mold removal ..." -
Columbus, OH, United States
+1 614-454-1697 ·
4.66 reviews ·
"Our mold inspectors offer all of Columbus and surrounding areas unbiased mold testing without a conflict of interest. 2431 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio" -
Cleveland, OH, United States
+1 216-202-0082 ·
4.98 reviews ·
"Cleveland mold testing will let you know whether or not a problem exists and where it is coming from. If a problem exists, the mold inspector will create a ..." -
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